Tecnico di sala operatoria


Professional activity

The operating room technician is a qualified professional active in the operating block of hospitals and clinics.

His work includes various tasks of coordination, delegation and surveillance for planned and emergency surgical interventions.

It is responsible for the reconciliation, preparation and maintenance of medical devices, materials, equipment and instruments used in the operating block; it is also responsible for all measures to ensure sanitation, asepsis and antisepsis.


The professional activity in the operating block is characterized by continuous and rapid changes, often unpredictable, from situations of high risk and high complexity, from a high level of technicization: aspects that require great responsibility.

The work also requires close and intense inter-professional collaboration in the context of work processes. They are therefore highly motivated people, capable of managing intense and prolonged stress, able to effectively interact in tight environments, to communicate clearly, to adapt to emergency situations.

Working environment

The operating room technician works in the operating blocks of hospitals and clinics and can be used in various sectors such as: endoscopy departments, invasive radiology departments, surgery clinics, day hospitals, medical offices or the medical-technical industry.

Career prospects

After the training it is possible to follow specialization courses.

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