Specialista in attivazione


Professional activity

The Activating Specialist works with elderly and long-term people to promote their involvement at different times of the day. It intervenes by stimulating the present capacities in order to favor adherence to the single activities.

It also coordinates the staff involved in the activation sector, other operators or volunteers.


The Activating Specialist knows the characteristics, needs and peculiarities of the users and can encourage them to participate in the various offers. It has great sensitivity and strong interpersonal skills with which it promotes effective communication.

He knows how to be empathetic and welcoming so as to enhance the user’s potential with respect. He has good manual skills and has a high psycho-physical balance.

Working environment

The Activating Specialist works in the fields of geriatrics, psychiatry and special education.

She works mainly in long-term care institutions: homes for medicalized elderly people, geriatric and psychiatric clinics, protected apartments for people with dementia problems, palliative care centers, or in outpatient institutions and organizations such as day centers or day hospitals.

Career prospects

After the basic training it is possible to follow professional training courses.