Professional activity

The  Podiatrist  is a professional active in the medical-therapeutic context.

As part of his intervention identifies and treats the affections of the skin and the toenails: treats deformations, realizes tailor-made podiatric corrections and deals with prevention and advice for the care, well-being and health of the feet.

It is also able to detect malformations, deformations, fungal infections or other diseases related to more general disorders of the state of health (diabetes, circulatory problems, etc.) and to recognize situations that, due to their seriousness, require the intervention of medical specialists .


The  Podiatrist  is interested in studying in the health field, has
strong manual, social and relational skills and has a
good psycho-physical balance.

The developments in materials and techniques and the greater needs of patients, lead to an increase in the demands placed on the Podiatrist, thus making it essential to continuously deepen the professional knowledge.

Working environment

The profession can be practiced within the private clinic, at the patient’s home, in hospitals or clinics, as well as in homes for the elderly, throughout the national territory.

The Podiatrist can also practice his profession on an independent basis.

Career prospects

After the basic training it is possible to follow professional training courses.

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