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The basic course provides the registered persons with an adequate preparation in the subjects foreseen by the Cantonal Exam. It also allows you to enroll in the Massager course.


The basic course consists of 425 hours of lessons divided over three semesters. Lessons are held mainly in the evening (6.30-9.30pm), usually on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. Lessons are also scheduled on Friday evening approximately once a month.


The course starts in September and follows the cantonal school calendar.

Title issued

At the end of the course a certificate of attendance is issued.

Those who support and pass the cantonal exam may request the authorization to exercise as a complementary therapist to the Canton Ticino Health Office.

Teaching subjects

Subjects Cantonal examination
Anatomy 100 hours
Physiology 50 hours
pathology 120 hours
Hygiene 30 hours
Emergency room 30 hours
Pharmacology 30 hours
Health law 25 hours
Other subjects
Anamnesis and diagnostics 20 hours
Psychology and psychosomatic 20 hours

Cantonal examination

The cantonal exam usually takes place twice a year (the autumn session in November-December, the winter session in January-February). The tests of the Cantonal Exam include the evaluation in each single subject.

Medical history and diagnostics and psychology and psychosomatic examinations are not part of the cantonal exam but must be supported and passed if you intend to undertake the training of a masseur.

Training outlets

The basic course prepares the candidate for the cantonal exam in order to obtain the authorization to practice as a complementary therapist.

At the end of the course, after having passed the Cantonal Exam, the candidate can continue the training as:

  • Massage therapist*;
  • Complementary therapist.

* Admission to this course is not automatic: those wishing to undertake this training must register according to the curriculum.

Financial aspects

The school fee amounts to CHF 2800.- for the entire course.

The cost of the teaching material is charged to the person in training.

The registration fee for the cantonal exam for obtaining the operating license as a complementary therapist amounts to CHF 500.-.

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